If it’s a costume kit or set that you need, you have certainly come to the right place! Here at Big Party Oz we have so many costume kits and sets for you to choose from and they can be used with something you already have in your closet or added to an existing costume to make it really special.

Just to name a few, our wide range includes 80’s Flash Dancer Costume Kit, Clown Costume Set, Three Piece Bunny Set, French Man Costume Set, French Maid Set, Police Officer Costume Set, and we even have an Instant Santa Kit and a Pirate Costume Set!

We know how much the little ones love to dress up and here at Big Party Oz we also have a range of costume sets for the children. Our Children’s range includes a Mouse Animal Headband and Mask Set, a Dog Animal Headband and Mask Set, Deluxe Lion Animal Set and a Harry Potter Wizard Costume Set.

Our kit collection covers so many themes including the 80’s, 50’s, Harry Potter, Clown, Military, Super Hero, Flapper, Play Bunny, Pirate’s and so much more.

Whether it's turning back the clocks and embracing the fluro for the 80’s, getting a bit cheeky and dressing as a French Maid or Play Bunny, dancing the night away as a Flapper or Burlesque Dancer, chasing your dreams and becoming your favourite Super Hero or Maybe you want to make a statement and be a Big Daddy Pimp?

Here at Big Party Oz you can find everything you need to make your costume that extra bit special.