Spring Has Sprung With These Ten Awesome Costume Ideas

As the cold grasp of winter fades away, nature awakens with vibrant colours and renewed energy, signalling the arrival of spring. With the blossoming flowers and the gentle breeze, it's the perfect time to embrace the spirit of the season and celebrate with delightful spring costumes. Whether you're attending a costume party, participating in a spring festival, or simply looking to add a touch of whimsy to your day, a spring-themed costume allows you to embody the beauty and joy of this enchanting time of year. From fluttering butterflies to playful bunnies, the possibilities are as endless as the petals on a blooming flower. So, let your imagination take flight and dive into a world of delightful costumes that capture the essence of spring.


What Can You Dress Up As?


Flower Fairy

Dress up as a whimsical fairy with a dress adorned with colourful flowers, and accessorise with a flower crown and glittery wings. To take it a step further, spend a few hours at a local park or botanic garden and take in all the sights of spring.



Create a costume inspired by a beautiful butterfly. Wear a vibrant dress or bodysuit with attached wings, and add face paint or a mask to complete the look.


Garden Gnome

Embrace the spirit of spring with a garden gnome costume. Wear a pointed hat, a colourful shirt, suspenders, and a pair of oversized boots. Don't forget a long white beard and a gardening tool!



Dress up as a cute ladybug with a red and black polka dot dress or onesie. Accessorise with antennae headbands, wings, and black leggings. You could even DIY the polka dots by cutting out round pieces of fabric and using a glue gun to glue them onto the dress.


Rainy Day

Embrace the unpredictable spring weather with a rainy day costume. Wear a transparent raincoat or poncho, colourful rain boots, and carry an umbrella with raindrop decorations.



Create a picnic-themed costume by wearing a gingham or floral print dress or shirt with shorts. Carry a picnic basket filled with faux fruits, sandwiches, or a plush toy picnic blanket. Plus, you can swap out the faux fruits for real fruits and enjoy a spring picnic with friends and family!



Buzz around in a honey bee costume. Wear black and yellow striped clothing, wings, and a headband with antennae. Add a stinger at the back if desired.


Spring Animal

Choose a springtime animal like a bunny, lamb, or chick. For a bunny, wear a fluffy tail, bunny ears, and a cute dress or onesie. For a lamb, wear white clothing and attach some fluffy fabric as a lamb's tail. For a chick, dress in yellow from head to toe and add a beak and wings.


Tree Spirit

Transform into a mystical tree spirit with a leafy green gown or tunic. Adorn yourself with artificial leaves, branches, and flowers. Paint your face with earthy colours and add vines to your hair.



Stand out with a vibrant sunflower costume. Wear a yellow or green dress or onesie and attach oversized sunflower petals to the bodice or shoulders. Top it off with a sunflower headband. You can also use black face paint and paint dots on your cheeks to represent the sunflower seeds.

Keep in mind that these are just some suggestions, and you can always personalise and modify them to suit your preferences and creativity. If you are looking for accessories for a spring costume or would like inspiration on what you can wear to your next spring party, visit Big Party Oz! We have a wide range of costumes on the Gold Coast for you to peruse. You’re sure to find a costume perfect for you!


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