Looking for a Weapon or Shield to complete your costume? Here at Big Party Oz we offer an extensive range to give your costume that wow factor.

Just to name a few, our wide range includes Gladiator Helmets, Freddy Kruger Horror Glove, Japanese Ninja sword, Pirate Cutlass Party Prop and Pirate Pistol, wrist shackles and even a Zombie Leash prop, Cowboy Gun and a plastic Chainsaw.

Here at Big Party Oz our extensive range covers many themes including Cave Man, Horror, Medieval, Gangster, Romans, Robin Hood, The Police, Vikings, Zombies and much more.

Whether you want to to go back in time and be a Victorious Viking, be a Courageous Cowboy or maybe Robin Hood is more your theme? Whichever you choose, we have everything you need right here at Big Party Oz.