Complete your costume with some of the most fantastic and unique masks here at Big Party Oz.   Note that we do not show all of our masks on our website but have dozens more to choose from in our Showrooms.   Contact us directly for more selection.

We have a wide range of masks including eye masks, full face masks, sequin masks, bunny and cat ears with a veil, medieval and lace eye masks, superheroes and even a selection that are on glasses frames, so you don’t mess up your hair.   And, we do not just cater for adults but have a great range of animal and fantasy masks designed and sized for children.

We also stock a great collection of Professional quality masks made by companies that supply the film industry with the finest quality and most realisitic looking masks, some even have moving mouths for the ultimate in realism.   

Our extensive range covers many themes including masquerade ball, horror, politicians, dinosaurs, hippies, horses, witches, zombies and even the Mask of Zorro.

Whether you want to secretly disguise yourself at a masked ball, make a statement as a sugar skull on Day of the Dead or completely go incognito as a skeleton, you can find everything you need right here at Big Party Oz.